New Player Guide For Warpath Game

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These are our top Warpath tips and advice for new players, so you can get a better start to the game.

The Best Warpath Tips For New Players


  • Once you have the buildings at level 15, save your resources. Only upgrade buildings, research technologies, and draw units during the events.
  • It is sufficient to win the second prize in Jurisdiction. The last prize doesn’t require you to spend all your money. You only want the last prize if it’s a resource collection event.
  • Keep the resources in your Supply stock – Keep them locked up until you have the right event. Calculate how much you will need to receive all rewards from an event before you spend them.
  • Know your limits. Don’t try to make it happen if you don’t have the resources.
  • You can always refer to the Event Schedule to ensure you get all the event rewards in one place.
  • The requirements for the Arms Race and Jurisdiction events are almost identical. You have the opportunity to double your rewards by spending this time!
  • To ensure that other players don’t strike back at you, make sure you have enough resources to reach the top 1 position in Arms Race.
  • You can pre-que all event-related activities to maximize your chances of winning the most rewards once the event begins. You can, for example, set aside time to conduct extensive research for the next research-related event.

Spending gold

  • Never spend Gold for unit tickets at the full price.
  • It is best to reach VIP 5 as soon possible. Then, aim to become a VIP 8 player.
  • If they are affordable, buy all Rushes on the Black Market. If possible, purchase all coupons from the Black Market.
  • If you have enough Gold, refresh the Black Market at least 1-2 times. You have enough gold from your daily activities to purchase the items mentioned.
  • Black Market

Farming Resources

  • You can farm 25% faster by using resources within your Alliance territory.
  • Bunker farming is more efficient than regular troop farming. Bunker farming will give you Rushes, which means that you can get more material per energy spent. Rushes can be stored for use at events.
  • Level 3 bunker offers 25% more rewards. You should farm only level 3 bunkers together with Alliance members. Try to avoid troop loss by focusing on what is coming out of the bunker quickly.
  • To collect the rewards on this map, it’s recommended that you explore the fog with the Airport. This will give you a lot more building materials and gold. You can zoom in on the map and then choose option Search, as shown in the screenshot. Now, the game will only show chests that are available for collection! Get up to 50,000 gold for free


  • Bluestacks allows Warpath play on PC in landscape mode. This will allow you to enjoy Warpath even more!
  • Explore the map: Join an Alliance as soon and as possible at the beginning of the game. As there isn’t yet any Alliance territory, Alliance members will be scattered all over the map. Locate the nearest Alliance member and follow the fog to find them. You will save a lot of time flying your planes long distances.
  • You can explore the map without the Military Maps, but you can still exchange them later for a 3-minute Rush!
  • Only use Universal Rushes to research Technologies at the Research Center. Never use Universal Rushes to produce materials.
  • Researching Industry First is recommended to all free players. This will help you farm faster and decrease the reseearching times of all top-tier techs.
  • To increase your points in the Daily Arms Race, you should focus on the City Honor Tree after working on the Industry tab.
  • Don’t let your Energy go to waste. It will generate overtime.
  • To maximize your Campaign Rewards, push as hard as possible in the Campaign. Rush should be used only at the end of each day, as it is when you have the highest Campan Reward Efficiency.
  • I recommend the Arms Deals package if you plan to spend some time on Warpath. It includes +1 Researching Queue and +5% Production Speed.
  • It’s a good idea to upgrade your Research Center after you have completed the Operations Base Command.
  • To earn rewards and raise your officer level, continue to complete office missions.


  • Retire your 3-star units, and take one apart each day for daily tasks.
  • Assembling: Don’t use the exact same unit that you are upgrading to as your primary copy.
  • Unit upgrades: To get the 30% bonus, use the parts of the warpath units from the same camps. You can build Vanguard parts to support Vanguard units. Etc.
  • You want to be able to control your emotions later in the game. team composition To have Assault (Rocket Launchers and Artilleries, Tank Hunters, Tank Hunters), and Vanguards (Light-, Medium-, Heavy Tanks and your best Infantry).
  • For free-to-play players, the following are recommended teams: 2 Tank Hunters and 2 Infantry Teams, 1 Rocket Launcher.
  • Your Officers should be assigned to the appropriate units. Jack Spanner is great at Tanks, White Wolf for Infantry, and so on. To improve the overall performance.
  • Make sure you train all your units. Do not waste your components by maxing out one unit. Instead, focus on your top 5 equally.

Battles Tips

Attacking a base: A team is the best way to attack an enemy base. Your Infantry should be at the front, and then activate the bunkers. They will suffer a lot less damage. Your entire team can take more damage than one artillery unit. You should be watching the battle closely as the enemy may leave the city. Or you might need protection for your rockets or artillery. If your infantry is hit, you can go back.

Protecting a base: It is best to put it between or near raven bunkers to defend it. If you are attacked, you can attack the nearby raven bunkers and garrison. The Ravens will appear to attack your enemies. They will defend you! Sometimes, you can even get out of the base to fight rockets or artillery.

Fighting in open field: Never attack enemy garrisoned troops. Target Rockets – Artillery or TD First All of your units should fire at a single target. One at a time. Protect your rockets.

If your base is attacked, all your units will be removed from the base. You can “delete” units if you don’t want the enemy to kill you. Tap on each unit and then press Remove. As a refund, you will receive resources!

Officers: To get bonus damage, you must use officers to serve specific units.

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