My First Worm drive Table Saw – Info

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Skilsaw had gone to help distinguish it self as an expert brand with confusion on the DIY focused Skil brand new. Together the re-brand came quite a few new services and services, one being truly a table saw. During that time Skilsaw was possessed by Bosch and as opposed to carrying a saw and painting it gray and black, they caught everything looks like several regions of the Bosch GTS1031 saw nevertheless the engine and gearing is Skilsaw.

Reviews on got me hooked on thinking about this saw, so i decided to get one and take a closer look. This is what i found out.

Employing Table Saw

Skilsaw pig drive saw 7 At that the time that it came we were a few weeks to some build on an enormous $1 billion million dollar custom home. Framing was roughly 50% done but framing generally was pretty little because it’s definitely really an ICF house, every thing was real for example the floors. The worm-drive table saw revealed up before we got every thing started to the surface and thrown in trim plus it got usage. Each one the outdoor door and window trim, bands, along with also plank turned into a product.

It’s comparable to cement plank since it is low maintenance nonetheless it machines such as wood and it is quite a bit more elastic the cement plank. The frieze board All had to be ripped a half inch right down to find after the offsite proceeded the best show. We put tens of thousands of feet with the trimming through this saw. The door and window heads have been ripped down to coincide with exactly the show. We ripped much we started wearing over the week throughout the powder coat onto the desk . The saw also tears, also rips, and cries.

Because of the limitations between the engineered beam along with the doorway peaks, all the two ×10 joist substance had to be cut into 9″. We had been carrying 16′ brown-treated 2 x 10 s and hammering through the saw in a decent clip. The power with the saw is really to get the whole other level than job site dining table saws. You guys know what a bear it is to tear wet, treated timber, this item is in monster style and gobbled through it.

Worm drive

This saw can be actually really just a fantastic accession to this job site. The very first thing anyone sees about the saw could be your engine. The engine on the pig drive table saw is still a monster. I’ve been surprised at what this item can cut without slowdown. 16′ brownish treated two ×10 were readily ripped. That is 2-3/4″ in solid wood at a dado pass (blade concealed).

As an additional advantage of this engine and worm drive mix depth of cut this saw is 3-1/2″. No job site table saw could perform that. Actually nearly all 10″ table saws, if they’re a job site saw or upward to some static cabinet saw, may just cut roughly 3-1/8″ heavy. A-4 ×4 in one pass is very remarkable.
Other activities that I love is there was certainly on board storage to get all. 3 1 shield parts, the weapon, miter gauge, wrench and push rod store in the saw at a safe location. The push rod storage is actually just a addition that is specific. It stores handily on the front of the saw and it is attracted out of the holster directly once you want it.

Ultimately, the saw can be found in two configurations, either a stock knife or perhaps even a diablo blade. We picked for your diablo armed component of course. It’s fine you could find yourself a saw with no blade that is throw-away. Out of the box it’s ready for ripping. There’s an arbor lock that just a single wrench is necessary for adjustments, As it comes time for you to restore the blade. Engineer guy, job.


I love this saw a lot. I do think it’s great. There is only 1 thing which prevents it from being truly a fantastic saw and that is the fencing. I understand a whole good deal of reviewers were surprised with all the weapon but that I couldn’t fix it to the stage at which it slid but locked down closely. It had been a either but not on the saw I’ve. It’s really a fluke as many different reviewers enjoyed it. Besides that the worm-drive table saw is equally remarkable.


The Skilsaw Worm-drive Dining Table Saw can be obtained from the number of different outlets. The past 3 are typical running a promotion currently to find the stand free of charge once you get the saw. You receive the 10″ pig push table saw using a 3.5″ thickness of cut, diablo blade, along with also a rack for about $375. It’s really a smoking’ deal.

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