Overloaded Lifts – What to Do?

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As the safest and most reliable forms of transportations among floors/stories, elevators whether it be (passengers, goods, vehicles, or hospital elevators…) are subject to various problems due to poor installation, ignoring the periodic and comprehensive maintenance,
Nonconformity with specifications and overloads are also possible.
We will be discussing the problem of elevator overloads in the next paragraphs.

Problem with Elevator Overloads

An elevator overload can occur in passenger elevators because of heavy equipment, excessive passengers or machinery.
These elevators are made to carry heavy goods, cars and other items. Exceeding the limits can cause serious problems during operation.
These issues could lead to a stoppage that can endanger passengers and the materials in the elevator.

What happens if an elevator is full?

  • Elevator overloads can pose a danger to passengers and equipment.
  • Because it can affect the safety of elevators,
  • It may cause the elevator’s to stop working, especially if it has an overload sensor that will cause it to stop if it exceeds its lift capacity.
  • The overload sensor is a vital feature.
  • This cannot be ignored when installing any elevator type.
  • While many elevators might not have an overload sensor,
  • This can pose a danger to the safety and life of passengers and other materials.

This is especially true when this device is not present and the following cases are:

  1. Neglecting periodic and comprehensive maintenance

    Neglecting to maintain the elevator regularly and thoroughly can cause elevator parts to wear or damage.
    Elevator overloads can cause additional stress to the worn rope and damaged parts.
    As a result, the elevator’s inefficiency is a problem.
    It poses a serious threat to the safety of passengers as well as the safety of the equipment and goods it transports.

  2. Non-conformity to specification: Sometimes, parts installed by an elevator are not compliant with international standards and may be less efficient than original parts.
    This can increase the chance of an elevator falling, especially if it is misused or overloaded.
    Safety and security must be considered when designing and installing an elevator.
  3. Poor installation: Bad workmanship during installation is responsible for many elevators falling.
    It does not necessarily mean that the elevator works.
    Combining the problems of overloading elevators with poor installation can cause serious damage.
    In the long-term, this will increase the chance of elevators falling.
    Atlas Elevators has the expertise and team to properly install an elevator.

Elevator Overload Solutions:

To prevent elevator overloads, it is essential to take vital steps to ensure safety and efficiency of the elevator. The first step to achieving the best results is solving the cause. One of these solutions might be the perfect solution to your problem.

  1. Overload sensor installation:This is an essential solution to ensure the safety of passengers and the transport materials. The elevator will stop if the elevator’s load capacity exceeds. This device will alert you if the elevator’s load capacity increases. The overloads will cause the elevator to stop moving until it is reduced.

A team of specialists will design and install the elevator.

It is important to hire a technical team that is experienced in designing and installing elevators to meet international standards. This will help avoid many problems.
Trusted team using durable and high-quality materials. They are qualified to manage the comprehensive maintenance that contributes to the repair and replacement of damaged parts. This will protect the equipment from external influences.
Overloads can affect the elevator’s efficiency.

It is very important to use lift part suppliers, who are trusted.

  • Elevator overloads can cause problems and disrupt the elevator’s work.
  • Delays for passengers, and delays in the completion of transport operations generally. Defects in elevators.
  • Non-compliance of specifications, poor quality materials.
  • Neglecting to maintain the elevator can increase the chance of it falling or sustaining damage.

It is recommended that an elevator overload sensor be installed and that a skilled technical team be hired to design and install elevators in accordance with international standards and the latest technology. 

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