What Type Of Candle To Choose For Last Minute Gift?

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Just like our favorite meme or rewatching BTS’s In the Soop for the millionth time, the best candles have the potential to make you feel like everything is fine. Candles cover up unknown smells and conceal that unsuccessful culinary experiment that may or may not have destroyed the bottom of your pot with every scent of a palm breeze or a peony bloom.

Regardless of crackling candles, one of our favorite ways to exercise self-care around the holidays is to light a candle while relaxing on the couch with a good book, scrolling through TikTok, or soaking in a hot bath. And, if we appreciate the company of a decent candle, it will make the ideal last-minute present. Even Bella Hadid has a collection of unusual ones at her home!

A candle, whether it’s bizarrely shaped or soothingly perfumed, is a simple yet thoughtful gift no matter how your friends and loved ones spend their time. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best candles to help them (and you) feel more at ease in their own environment.

Fun-Shaped Candles at Their Finest

Candle with a Totem

These colorful totem-shaped candles are Bella Hadid-approved and will look wonderful on any neatly organized bookshelf. They come in a variety of colors, so the options are practically limitless!

Set of Color Drip Candlesticks

These candles appear to be ordinary at first glance, but once they’re lit, the real fun begins. They flow and melt in a rainbow of colors, making this the ideal present for a friend who isn’t afraid to get a bit dirty!

Cube Candle with Mother of Pearl

We don’t recommend biting into these candles, no matter how tempting it is. But don’t they appear to be delectable?

Yin Yang Candle Ri-Ri-Ku

This ying-yang candle is ideal as a present for the Gemini in your life.

Cannoli Candle in Miniature

A small cannoli candle is a must-have for anyone’s collection.

Broklyn, Yui Candle in a fun shape

If you order these adorable-shaped candles by December 7th, your order will be delivered by December 24th.

Best for Less Than $40

Cashmere Kush Smells Like A Boy

This is our favorite of all the Boy Smells candles. It’s the ideal present for someone who enjoys infusing their home with soothing and calming aromas.

Canopy Scented Candle from Otherland

I adore having Otherland candles on my bookshelves even when I’m not burning them because they’re always in the nicest jars. You know it’s good because it’s part of their core collection. It’s also one of my faves, thanks to the summer scents that make me fantasize about spending endless days in the park eating figs.

Coastal Linen Candle by Opalhouse

This candle, despite its name, contains more citrus and lavender notes than linen. It smells like Southern California, and for $10 and 50 hours of burn time, I don’t mind lighting it day after day.

Blue Volcano Candle from Capri

This is the aroma of the classic Anthropologie soy candle, which you will recognize even if you have simply strolled by the store. The bright zesty fragrances will almost make up for the vitamin C deficiency you’ve been lacking.

Candle with Birthdate

With this birthday candle from Birhtdate, you can take your candle gifting to the next level.

A Madness Candle is primarily black.

After the craziness of the last few years, everyone deserves a candle that smells like a warm hug, like this one from Predominately Black.

Smells Like Heaven Candle by Athena Club

The luxurious candles from Athena Club come in four different scents and include matches. They’re a great gift to give or to acquire for yourself!

Yemmie Holiday Duo’s Moods

The Holiday Dupo candle set from Mood’s by Yemmie features two candles (Misteltow Mood and Sweater Weather) that will put anyone in the holiday spirit.

Duo of the Season

Santal 26 by Le Labo is a collection of candles designed by Le Labo.

Is this a candle with a status symbol on it? Is it too simple for me to like it? I don’t give a damn! I adore this aroma, and seeing someone wearing the perfume version is always a treat, so why not bring those delicious smells into my home? It’ll be less expensive than the perfume, and because my flat is so little, burning it will have the same impact, right? Right.


Diptyque is a brand that V and Halsey of BTS love, so you know it’s worth the money! This limited-edition candle may be on the pricey side, but we all deserve a treat now and then.

Candle from the Byredo Bibliotheque

Curl up with your favorite book on a cold and rainy night. This Byredo candle will transform any space into a library. The smell and feel of shelves filled with books are embodied by the leather notes in this woody and fragrant scent. It’s perfect for the holidays, with undertones of plum and vanilla. This will offer the perfect backdrop to rest and unwind this season when paired with a good book and a cup of tea.

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