Ultimate TV Stand Buyer’s Guide

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People may notice clutter and organizational concerns in high-traffic areas that did not exist before when they spend more time at home.

If you have a lot of books or video games in your family room, bedroom, or game room, it’s time to find an efficient storage solution that matches your decor. A TV stand is a simple way to accomplish this.

There are many different TV stand models to choose from, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all of them. Narrowing down your options by size, kind, and style will make the buying process go more smoothly. You’ll be on your way to a more organized living room once you figure out how you want to use your TV stand to store your belongings.

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What TV Stand Size Should I Purchase?

You may believe that a little TV stand is your only option if you live in a limited space. However, if you get a stand that is too small, your TV will not fit on it, and you will be unable to tidy up the clutter in your home. It’s critical to precisely measure your television before purchasing a TV stand.

Get the diagonal dimension of your screen with a tape measure; TV screens are measured diagonally, although TV stands are frequently sized using a width measurement. If your TV stand is narrow, your TV will be broader than the stand it sits on, compromising stability and beauty. If your TV is 56 inches across, for example, you should get a 65-inch TV stand.

Make sure your TV stand is as least as broad as the TV for stability. There are a variety of TV stand types available for TV screens larger than 65 inches that provide storage on both sides of the TV. You can utilize the space to display ornamental items like potted plants or photos of your family.

If you have a large TV, there are TV stands with mounts that allow you to raise your TV off the stand’s surface and store it securely to reduce the risk of it tipping over. It also gives you additional room to organize your keepsakes on the unit’s top surface.

Light Wood TV Stand on Wheels

What are the Different Types of TV Stands?

With so much going on in the world of home entertainment, it’s critical that you choose a versatile TV stand that can be used for more than just your television. Gaming consoles, DVD players, Blu-ray players, surround sound equipment, and cable boxes should all have enough of storage.

A cable management system should be installed on each TV stand to create a clutter-free environment that is safe for pets and children. Look for units with holes in the rear panels or enclosed channels that flow down from the mount. From the back of the stand, you should be able to quickly access all of the electrical wires and connecting cords.

A TV stand with a mount is a wonderful option for any TV, but they’re especially useful for larger TVs because they free up floor space and make the living area safer. The mount should be attached to the base unit to provide a counterbalance for the TV and adjustable features to vary the TV’s height and tilt.

Corner TV stands are triangular in shape, allowing you to take advantage of hitherto unutilized tight corners. These units are ideal for tiny spaces and can be a great addition to your bedroom.

There are even hutch types with doors or shutters that close over your television while it is not in use. These enormous pieces of furniture are meant to divert attention away from your television.

Large TV Stand in Rustic Wood

Which TV Stand Style Is Right for Me?

A well-styled TV stand can bring a room together, whether it’s in a farmhouse living room or a shabby-chic bedroom. The components employed to construct your tv stand have an impact on how well it integrates in with your other furnishings and how you decorate it.

Look for wire mesh and distressed wood in farmhouse decor. These materials provide a laid-back, country vibe that works well with your current interior design concept.

Look for long lines in sleek steel or other metal coated with matte black paint and brushed metal hardware for a more modern edge. Tempered safety glass is a fantastic choice for modern or contemporary houses, and it’s also ideal for compact living spaces because it makes the space feel larger.

A TV stand constructed of solid hardwood with a rich mahogany finish can be a magnificent statement piece that also provides adequate storage for a more conventional or classic design.

Brown TV Stand with Metal Legs

What is the most appropriate color for my television stand?

Because TV stands and TV stands with mounts are frequently made of wood, brown is the most popular hue. Brown is a versatile color that may be used in practically any type of design style. Brown finishes range from light beige to deep walnut, and they blend in with your existing furniture and living room linens without taking attention away from the rest of the space’s style features.

Black is a good choice if you want something more contemporary. Although high gloss finishes can appear old, they can give an interesting textural element to a retro-mod decor.

Shabby-chic effects may be achieved in practically any color, but the most common is white, which can be readily enhanced with bright flashes of color. Another eye-catching design feature is a distressed finish.

If you’re looking for a whole new décor concept or want to add to your living room set in the future, neutral-colored furniture is a terrific way to tie everything together. Colors like gray, white, black, and natural wood finishes go with practically any style, allowing you to update your decor without having to buy new furniture.

Final Thoughts

Don’t just look at the usefulness while looking for a fun new piece of furniture to help you get organized. When you approach furniture buying with designs and accents in mind, it can be a lot of fun.

To create a secure and practical living area, take into account what you need to store on the TV stand shelves as well as the dimensions of your TV. When these two factors come together, you’ll have a fantastic piece of furniture that will last for years.

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