Is Marijuana OK From A Spiritual Point Of View?

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It’s possible you didn’t want that short and definitive answer. This negative response isn’t a general bias. You can experience negative effects from marijuana on your aura, your soul, and your spiritual growth. These insights are not common because people who speak on this topic, regardless of their beliefs, lack the subtle energy sensitivity necessary to explain what happens to your energy field after you use marijuana.

It is possible to agree with these conclusions regarding the inadvisable use of marijuana. However, it is important to explain why marijuana is problematic, as otherwise the argument can become sidetracked. You can take one example:

Avoiding marijuana is often justified by the argument that it’s illegal (at least as of this writing) and therefore a dangerous substance. There are many historical reasons marijuana was illegalized, mainly because of the economics behind hemp.

Hemp is an affordable substitute for paper, oil and many other products. Legal hemp would also be an economic competitor in many industries. Many large companies are trying to demonize cannabis so that the public will believe that hemp and marijuana must remain illegal.

Another reason that people who are against marijuana use it is because they don’t believe it is as safe as alcohol. It is possible to detect spiritual problems in alcohol by subtle energy sensing. There are also unfortunate similarities between marijuana and alcohol, particularly in the way they negatively affect the auras and souls. Despite the differences in the behavior of people smoking and drinking, the fundamental issue is the same.

Alcohol and marijuana interfere with the relationship between the body, the soul and the spirit. Both substances can cause dissociation that hinders spiritual growth and well-being.

Proponents of marijuana use a variety of arguments to support their decision. They all are based on beliefs that may seem to be acceptable at first. The problem with marijuana is the fact that it causes a separation between the body, and the soul. This can be detected using subtle sensing. Those who don’t have this ability may doubt these claims. These issues are not only spotted by me, but many others as well. I will describe them as I feel them and you can draw your own conclusions.

Proponents of marijuana say that smokers are more peaceful than alcohol drinkers. Although this is easy to observe, it doesn’t prove that marijuana users are able to create an energetically fragmented aura. The fragmented aura of marijuana smokers makes them appear calm, but it comes at a cost. Smokers have a fuzzy aura that prevents them from feeling their emotions fully. Understanding this will reveal a more positive explanation for their preferred method of emotional suppression.

People who are experiencing troubling emotions or thoughts will want to get out of their bodies so they don’t feel them. There are many options for people who don’t want to feel their emotions. You can consume alcohol, eat junk food and sugar, or you can sit in front of the TV, which can induce a semi-meditative alpha state. Or, you can smoke marijuana. These choices can cause a fragmented energy system, which compromises the aura’s clarity.

Smokers are often excused for their alleged peace of mind. Although they may feel more peaceful if they don’t smoke, their suffering is not being transcended in any meaningful way. They only experience temporary relief from their emotional discomfort. They can’t address the pain and that is a problem. You can’t deal with something if you don’t feel it anymore. Keep pushing them down until they’re out of your conscious awareness.

This could explain why marijuana isn’t addictive physically, but psychologically. If you smoke to avoid feeling the things you don’t like, it could be a psychological addiction.

Smokers of marijuana often say that smoking marijuana helps them “take off the edge”. This is an exaggeration that masks the emotional pain they are trying to avoid. To be fair, emotional pain can be scary and requires courage and determination. Smoking is not going to help you build courage or determination.

The reason for this is that the focus needed to be determined is associated with a strong connected soul and personality within an aura.

In a healthy aura, your body, emotions, and soul all work together in harmony. This is how you align with your true self and can accomplish the things you have been given. Anything that blurs your aura’s clarity is a hindrance to your progress at all levels. It’s better to be clear about your perception, even if it involves challenging realizations, than to hide behind a fragmented and diffused understanding of who you are.

Your soul could be described as the eternal divine essence within you. Your soul is the source of the creator’s spark, so your soul can be considered your link to higher spiritual awareness. Your body, soul, mind, personality and soul should be one. The soul is your cosmic cohering energy presence, the glue that holds everything together.

Integrating your divine soul with your body will make you more aware of how you treat it. You can reach a higher level of consciousness when your soul is able shine into your emotions, mind, and body. This will allow you to confront problems. Your life can be positive. Marijuana can disrupt this unity and cause a muddy aura which shortens your spiritual power.

The substance can also mimic spiritual experiences but interfere with spiritual realization. Imagine the spectrum of consciousness as a range vibrations to understand how this happens. There is low awareness, or unaware consciousness, at the bottom of the awareness scale. The highest level of awareness is buy weed online where cosmic consciousness or divine consciousness can be found.

Imagine a person who is limited to a specific, earthbound level of perception. This person may find marijuana helpful in helping them see and feel beyond their limited material perceptions. This seems quite impressive at first. This suggests that marijuana may be a mind-expanding substance.

However, marijuana can help people who have a narrow materialistic view. At first glance, it seems to offer a wider view of the universe. This benefit is however limited by marijuana’s intrinsically lower vibration. You will not be able to attain higher levels of spiritual realization if you are restricted by a substance.

The so-called consciousness-expanding benefits of marijuana are only somewhat broader than the narrow materialistic worldview of the uptight, tense person. People who feel stuck or rigid smoke marijuana to temporarily expand their understanding of the world. This is what impresses them. They feel they have found a way out of their limitations.

Their consciousness has not been significantly elevated by marijuana. Even though marijuana does seem to increase consciousness, it keeps smokers at a lower level of awareness. This is why you need to imagine a range between one and ten levels of consciousness. One is limited, stuck consciousness. Ten is cosmic consciousness.

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