These are the top PC exclusives for 2021

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Many PC gamers take their build seriously and many PCs can compete with the most advanced consoles . High-tech features such as Auto HDR are coming to PCs. There’s no reason to not check out these PC exclusives for 2021. Vanos Tech has great articles about games and apps.

2020 had many great games, including a popular reimagining the Microsoft Flight Simulator. Every game is not a winner. 2020 also had its fair share of duds, including a gritty Fast & Furious title. Every game will not work on every computer, but many of the top games of the year won’t overload the graphics card of a PC, which means more gaming for a wider range of users.

Many PC exclusives were released in 2021, catching the attention of both players and critics. In 2021, there were many new PC exclusives that made the world a better place. These included Zelda-likes and bizarre driving simulators.


Krillbite, developers of among the Sleep, has released Sunlight exclusively for PC. Sunlight won a 83 from Metacritic. It also received praises for its stunning gameplay. Sunlight’s concept is very simple. Unnamed protagonist goes into a forest and listens to the sounds of the trees. The game takes around 30 minutes to complete. What makes it one the most popular PC games of 2021, you ask? It’s simply stunning.

Sunlight was inspired by expressionist painters such as Munch and Monet, and focused on a powerful audio experience with breathtaking choir work. Sunlight is a standalone experience that allows players to get lost in the music and sounds of art. Sunlight’s team of artists handpainted each setting with the VR tool Quick. This gives players the experience of being inside a painting.

Sunlight can be played as a solo experience. However, Krillbite also has shared messages left by other players. These notes are a reminder of how powerful games can be and emphasize the importance games as artistic experiences.

Sir Brante’s Life and Death

The Life & Sufferings of Sir Brante transports players to an earlier era of gaming. It is a game of point-and-click adventures with limited graphics. The Death and Sufferings of Sir Brante was awarded an 82 by Metacritic, placing it above its peers. This PC exclusive’s commitment to narrative shines through, making it a lasting experience.

The Death and Life of Sir Brante is set in a world where any form of dissension is brutally crushed. This story follows a man who dares to challenge the established order. Start a long journey that will lead you to your own path.

Gamers learn the story from the protagonist’s journal and make decisions based upon the information. Sometimes, the information they have is not enough to predict the outcome of a decision, which can lead to perilous deaths. The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante plays like a choose-your-own-adventure novel with massive consequences. Failure could mean the end of a nation or the end of the protagonist.

Skul: The Hero Slayer

Fans continue to be amazed by the creativity and innovative ideas of indie developers. SouthPAW games were based on traditional gaming principles. Skul: The Hero Slayer received an 82 rating on Metacritic.

Skul – The Hero Slayer is joined by the title Skul in his quest to save the Demon King’s castle from pesky people. Skul can gain new skulls that give him special abilities throughout his adventures.

Skul is described as an “action-platformer with rogue-like features like everchanging and challenging map” in the Steam description. But it’s much more. Skull’s skull system allows players to change their abilities by swapping out craniums. This adds depth to the combat system. One player praised the game because of its interesting boss battles. Another stated that “you can throw your head at enemies” and gave it a thumbs-up.

No matter why Skul initially appeals to players, the game delivers creativity and mechanics while still surprising players along the journey.

Ocean’s Heart

Ocean’s Heart combines the best of action-RPGs such as The Legend of Zelda. It then remixes them for 2021. Ocean’s Heart was released as a PC-exclusive and received a 79 rating on . It impressed fans with its retro graphics, emphasis on discovery, and a 79 rating on . Although Ocean’s Heart has been compared to Zelda, its aesthetic is unique and partly inspired by Bloodborne and The Witcher. Max Mraz, the game’s developer, also created Yarntown (a Zelda-like tribute to Bloodborne), and claimed that Ocean’s Heart uses ideas from his Bloodborne-inspired game.

Nordcurrent describes their game “an action RPG featuring detailed pixels and a heavy emphasis on exploration.” Tilia, the young girl who lost her best friend and father, must embark on an adventure through her swamped world. Tilia is not immune to danger, but she can overcome them by improving her skills and using the resources available to her.

Ocean’s Heart is a great RPG. However, it’s also one the most exclusive PC games. Nordcurrent says there is no plan to release a Switch version Ocean’s Heart .

Field of Glory 2 – Medieva

Field of Glory 2 – Medieval is a niche tactical game that can be played on PCs. The game received a 76 rating on , and was praised by critics for its historical accuracy.

Steam describes Field of Glory2 as “a turn-based tactical gaming experience set in the High Middle Ages between 1040 AD and 1270 AD.” This simple title suits the game perfectly. Field of Glory2 does not want to show off fancy gadgets or pretend it’s more than it is. Field of Glory is a tactical game that’s rooted in history and nothing else.

However, don’t let this deter you. Field of Glory2 is an essential game if you are interested in history or tactics. It is a wargame-like game with tiny animated characters representing troops. Unique animations are used to depict different battle scenarios. This maintains the belief in the world and only features groups that are present during the given time period. The game patch allows players to create a Time Warp, which pits armies from different eras against one another. This only adds to the enjoyment.

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