How To Counter Reinhardt at OverWatch

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Reinhardt is countered by heroes using a high harm or expertise able to break his shield rapidly. Reaper, Junkrat and Pharah and Sombra are some of the best alternatives.


Strong Against

Ashe, Hanzo, Soldier: 76, Widowmaker

Weak Against

Bastion, Doomfist, Junkrat, Mei, Moira, Pharah, Reaper, Sombra, Torbjorn

Utilizing D.Va’s Personal-Destruct against Reinhardt

Reinhardt’s Buffer Discipline is clearly a fantastic counter-top to D.Va’s Personal-Destruct since he can make use of it to shield themselves and the whole group. There are a few methods to countertop his impenetrable defend:

Cost him. This really is the easiest way to cope with it: question the Reinhardt within your crew to cost the challenger one particular, and then decline your bomb at the best time. Should you be well-synchronized, the opponent Reinhardt won’t have the chance to both dodge the cost and protect his group from the greatest.

Split the cover. This is actually the next finest technique that i propose one of the most in single line.

Due to the insufficient communication inside the team, it really is much better waiting around for the shield to be downward. Most athletes just mindlessly strike the shield, so there are great chances it is possible to calculate the specific time it will break, and time your ultimate properly.

Combo with many other expertise and ultimates. Characters such as Mei and Sombra really are a excellent selection because they can turn off the cover and limit the opponent’s actions, therefore they won’t be able to escape in the section of the affect. In the event the cover is downward, or you may possibly waste the bomb, Zarya’s Graviton Spike is extremely powerful.

Exploit the positioning mistakes. The wins in many bar online games are dependant on the blunders fully commited with the loser crew. In case the entire enemy team is placed with a certain range from Reinhardt, it is possible to drop Self-Destruct between his and him teammates, so he won’t get the time and energy to achieve and protect them, for instance.

In case the overcome happens in a area without sufficient handles, they won’t have the ability to stay away from the explosion.

Achieve eliminates indirectly. Self-Destruct can be used as a zoning tool which compels the foes to depart their existing positions, most likely making chaos within the enemy collections. It may pressure Reinhardt to turn his again on the crew to bar the explosion, therefore they will obtain a wide open collection of fire in the adversary characters. The bomb may not get rid of anyone, yet your group will take advantage of the situation.

Imagination video games between Reinhardts

The mind games between Reinhardt players are certainly not as prioritary as before because now there are various heroes with mobility or disables who is able to interfere and change the tide in the battle. To get  better rank, get ow boost.

Nonetheless, like a Reinhardt you must record the enemy’s ultimate fee by computing his successful Flame Attacks and then any more harm via melee assaults. Also, you have to do your greatest to cost your greatest at the earliest opportunity.

As soon as the ultimates are set, the Reinhardt who droplets or smashes the shield in the wrong time might doom his whole staff as Earthshatter is a major AoE disable having a 2.5s stun period.

You can attempt baiting the opponent’s greatest by dropping your defend for several times (notify your teammates to protect yourself from unneeded demise) and preventing Earthshatter in the best time. If he drops into the capture, you will get a huge edge and the chance to take part in fight to succeed past the choke (or contain the situation for an extended time when you are enjoying as the defenders).

If he might get the ultimate billed up as he will exploit the momentum to Earthshatter you, tend not to Blaze Strike the foe Reinhardt in a shut or method length.

Reinhardt versus hitscan characters

Just a few terms in the hitscan heroes I actually have indicated among individuals who are poor against Reinhardt.

Any type of buffer having a acceptable period is fantastic against them as it safeguards they (specially the squishy support) stopping most kills and headshot tries.

The snipers will be forced to flank the shield, make use of Reinhardt’s mistakes (for instance a shield dropped or cracked at the completely wrong time), or capitalize on the incorrect positions utilized by the foe support and DPS athletes.

Splitting Barrier Discipline is crucial to advance

For many motives, several DPS athletes believe that they must focus all of their sources and consideration around the protect, so in the majority of common-ranked bar games breaking the cover is a essential requisite to advance past a choke.

When your team doesn’t have plenty of sustained problems for destroy Reinhardt’s Barrier Cover, an individual must switch personality.

Remember that as soon as the shield begins cracking, Reinhardt will place it right down to regenerate it. Considering the standard insufficient connection inside the team, this may be the ideal minute to rating a kill over a assist or DPS because they might remain in the available for a few secs.

When you are actively playing Reinhardt, enhance your crew in the status in the cover so that they will have time to get protect!

The most effective defend destroyers

Reaper, Bastion and Junkrat and Pharah are some of the characters who are able to eliminate Obstacle Industry in the most affordable timeframe. Especially, Reaper might turn into a popular selection versus tanks generally because of the latest nerf to armor.


Bastion completely annihilates both Reinhardt with his fantastic shield whilst in Sentry setting, alternatively the Recon mode doesn’t offer enough suffered damage.

It is actually worth to keep in mind that Reinhardt surfaces Bastion’s Configuration: Container because the defend is a lot more than satisfactory to block each of the projectiles.

The Blizzard crew declared that Bastion will likely be reworked in 2019, so hopefully this current year he might turn into a affordable hero to experience against far more lineups. At the moment, the hero generates a great deal of loathe in positioned game titles, therefore i propose to not select him unless they believes together with your approach. At the minimum, alert them relating to your strategy, hence they won’t consider you try to throw the game deliberately.


Junkrat can cause a huge amount of injury together with his Frag Launcher. He or she is both in a position to break the shield quickly, as well as harm the opponents positioned behind it due to the projectile’s trajectory as well as the splash injury.

A nicely-positioned Concussion Mine also can separate Reinhardt from the rest of the staff, which provides your very own staff the opportunity to initiate a fight.

Rip-Wheel is controlled manually by Junkrat, so Reinhardt can’t just block the explosion easily since he does with D.Va’s Personal-Destruct. Smart Junkrats won’t certainly initialize the bomb just in front of the shield, so as a Reinhardt the best way to take care of Rip-Wheel is usually to Fire Affect it or to lure the blast with the defend.

I must point out that at increased ranks the whole team knows how to react against Rip-Wheel: they attempt to find and ruin it swiftly collectively, alerting each time they spot it. As an alternative, at decrease positions most players usually either operate randomly, or even to never notice the tire bomb at all.


Pharah is a extended-collection DPS who is able to melt the defend coming from a safe length, there is definitely not Reinhardt can do to protect yourself from it. A colleague of mine who mains Reinhardt like to destroy Pharahs with Blaze Affect, but this can be a blessed incidence.

She actually is a quite potent hero at reduced ranks since most players are unable to intention properly and get rid of her, particularly when she actually is constantly cured by Mercy however.

The most effective you can do is keeping her in check and alerting your teammates about her moves, like a Reinhardt. Your protect is helpful to shield the hitscan characters who definitely are handling her, but Pharah can flank you easily in the majority of maps, and eliminate your buffer and also the whole group with Barrage.

In the same manner to Junkrat’s Concussion Mine, Pharah’s Concussive Great time also can independent you from the remainder of the team.


So potentially she can keep his cover lower for a large amount of your group overcome, sombra is incredibly powerful against Reinhardt because Hack and EMP prevent all his capabilities.

Be aware that Reinhardt can destroy you easily 1vs1 together with his Rocket Hammer in the event you remain too close should you chosen to participate him. General, I suggest snapping shots him from your near by great-floor since he won’t have the capacity to battle back, get away from, or safeguard himself.


Mei can just lock Reinhardt before they can destroy her. Naturally, Obstacle Field prevents the primary along with the secondary blaze of Endothermic Blaster, but in a group battle it really is a huge annoyance and inhibits from while using cover to shield your teammates.

If frosty you won’t have the ability to transfer or use any potential, Blizzard can be a substantial AoE disable, and. This greatest operates the best if in combination with damaging types such as D.Va’s bomb or Reaper’s Dying Blossom.

Possibly killing him or transforming the combat in the 6vs5 circumstance for 4.5 seconds, an ice pack Walls is an excellent tool in the hands of a specialist participant mainly because it can area out Reinhardt from the remainder of the group. This talent is especially solid at choke factors where there isn’t a lot of space for flankers, like the connection with the first reason for Eichenwalde.


As a result of new Molten Central, although torbjorn isn’t with this collection as a result of his turret. This supreme grants they a position advantages by doubt room on the adversaries. Reinhardt and his group will need to transfer since they can’t just stand on the magma, additionally it is extremely strong versus armored characters as it bargains benefit injury to armour.

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