Gel polish is not the enemy. However, poor application and removal are!

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Ever heard someone say “I love gel nail polish because it lasts, but it damages my nails!”? You might have even said that yourself. Listen, we get it. Many nail techs don’t know how to use gel polish properly. This is because they aren’t taught this skill in school. People are lazy (yes, that’s what I meant) and even though the Best electric nail files may know the right way, she might be working in an assembly line-type shop. This means she will take the easy route and end up damaging your nails. You are so lucky! Just kidding. It’s not true. Gel polish is one of the most misunderstood items in the nail industry. Today I will share how to apply it, as well as dispel some myths about gel polish. It was also one of the most popular brands. This is similar to how people refer to facial tissue as “kleenex”, but Kleenex is a brand name for facial tissues. Okay, you get it.

Clients become more concerned about the damage to their nails when the gel polish is removed. Let me tell you what clients experience when they visit other nail shops.

  • You should not use a drill to remove gel varnish. However, this drill should only be used for fake nails. Gel polish can seep into natural nail plates once it is reapplied. This makes it more difficult to remove the next time. It also stains nails.
  • Maybe I’m missing something obvious, but the first bullet point is due to either 1) lack of knowledge or 2) lack of care, or 3) trying too fast to speed up the process while being too lazy to properly follow the steps that take more time… ALL OF THESE REASONS ARE UNACCEPTABLE
  • Submerge your nails/fingers in acetone and let them soak for a while
  • The nail tech then removes all the polish from your nails (ouch!). You can remove gel polish
  • This is the end. You are done.
  • Side note: Gel polish removal can also cause damage to your nails before you even go into the shop. You may feel the need to remove the gel, whether it is for fun or because the gel is irritating. But please stop! This is also bad for your nails.

You may not have ever seen gel polish removed in this manner.

  • To break the seal, lightly buff the topcoat. (Note: No need to use a drill!
  • Wrap foil around the nails and place acetone-soaked cotton balls on them. This helps break down the gel, making it easier to remove without damaging the nails.
  • That’s all. It’s that simple.

Let me clarify something. Your nails may look damaged after the foil has been removed. If you followed the steps correctly, the only thing that may happen is dryness in your cuticles or nails. This can be fixed by your nail technician during your manicure/while you are prepping your nails.

How should you prepare your nails for gel polish?

  • Shape/file nails
  • To smoothen any imperfections, lightly buff the nail plate
  • Take care of your cuticles
  • To prepare a blank canvas for gel polish, remove any oils from the nail plate.

“And just for curiosity, what is the process of applying gel polish?”

  • Always use a gel-based base coat. Some products claim to be all in one color, base coat, topcoat, and color… but that is just not true.
  • Two layers of gel color are required
  • Apply gel topcoat
  • Done!

As I mentioned earlier, your nails should look just as good after you remove gel polish. However, gel polish can not be removed if the nails are already weak or brittle. We have a solution. Charme Studio offers an IBX strengthening solution. Although I am not a scientist, I can tell you HOW it happens. I have used it many times and know that it works. It fuses all the nail imperfections making it the perfect surface for gel polish to stick to. To learn more, click. Gel polishes can be used with IBX because it acts as a barrier and protects the nails. Clients see natural growth. We recommend using IBX at most once per month, but for the best results, we recommend that you use it every time.

It does matter. Charme Studio tests all products before we use them on clients. Gel polishes are tested on us to ensure that they work well. We are proud to stand behind every product we sell at 120% Lechat Perfect Match is our favorite gel polish brand. They are easy to apply and don’t see any bubbling. Gelish is our next favorite gel polish. It is also easy to apply and has very few imperfections. Both brands offer similar wear times and easy removal. Other shops should ensure that techs don’t use cheap brands that are easy to remove, tend to bubble, and have a short wear period.

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